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Getting in the best shape of my life in my 40's was a personal thing. When I trained for my first bodybuilding show, I fell in love with this sport. We can all continue to pursue our dreams with hard work, discipline and dedication. Let me help you with the right training program and personal guidance so you reach your full potential.

Mom, Wife, and Athlete.

As an athlete, I've always enjoyed training for any sport. After many years of working in the fitness industry and taking care of my family I decided to face a new challenge by entering an NPC bodybuilding show as a Bikini competitor. I've placed top 5 at several national events in the masters and open classes and won first place at the 2018 NPC Puerto Rico Championships.

This experience outside of my comfort zone allowed me to have a different approach with my clients and continue encouraging

all to work hard for their fitness goals. 

2018 NPC Puerto Rico

2018-2019 NPC

Puerto rico & hawaii

bodybuilding competition

Puerto Rico


for the NPC Puerto Rico

BIKINI championship



with my 20 year old son

Hector Aponte.

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