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personal training

A great way to jumpstart your fitness journey!

Schedule a private session at our studio in Puyallup, WA or join our exclusive online personal training program.

  • Guidance and personalize meal plans

  • Exclusive online group support 

  • Live workouts and lectures 

  • Real training with personal attention, no "cookie cutter programs". 

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Online Coaching with

MAD'Z Fierce fitness

You'll find guidance, motivation and personal approach. I work hard for my clients and motivate every single one to step out of their comfort zone to create change. 

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6-Week online personal training challenge

Bi-weekly strength and cardio workouts with personalized meal plans, weekly check ins, guidance, and motivation. An exclusive online support group with video tutorials, live workouts and educational lectures. 

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12-Week online personal training challenge

Our most popular package offers a bi-weekly strength and cardio workouts with personalized meal plans. Online support group with video tutorials, live workouts and educational lectures. Plus, extra home workouts, great fun travel suggestions and much more. 



56 years old - I've been a client for many years. Madalene introduced me to healthy eating and help me change my life. After loosing over 75 pounds in the past I've struggled with staying focus and keep healthy.  Madalene's programs have helped me by adding strength training and keep my nutrition in check. There are no crash diets but real results and she works hands on with all clients. The programs may be online but you get her coaching and personal attention to keep you motivated. Here is my last 6 week transformation. I lost 10 pounds but added size to my arms and chest looking more toned and muscular. 


41 years old mother and group exercise instructor. I've done Madalene's online training twice with great results. I lost weight but also gained muscle and adding the strength training and nutrition has helped me perform better at my work and keep up with my everyday life. I will continue to be client and appreciate her help and motivation to reach my goals. 

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47 years old mother and breast cancer survivor. I've been a client for many years. Training has helped me regain my endurance and strength. The workout plans and nutrition are now part of my lifestyle and I recommend training with Madalene to all. Here is my 6 week transformation. 

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